We hired Chuck for high stakes exams accommodations (MCAT and USMLE) for our child. Chuck was thorough, reviewed documentation and provided us with excellent advice,. He advocated on our child’s behalf and as a result, our child received the accommodations that had been previously denied. We are certain that the successful outcome was the direct result of Chuck’s expert help. We are so appreciative! He is knowledgeable, professional, and client focused. My husband and I highly recommend Charles Weiner.

An Education Client

Chuck Weiner has the unique ability to formulate case strategy, to pin down crucial fact issues to position the parties and the lawyers in such a way that victory becomes highly likely. His wisdom and expertise are essential in bringing about great results. He has a history of proven performance with various disability type cases.

Jeffrey I. Baum, Esq.

He moved a mountain (the National Board of Medical Examiners)
Before contacting Charles Weiner, I had spent several months submitting requests and subsequent appeals (with the full support and assistance of my medical school staff) to the National Board of Medical Examiners in order to get appropriate testing accommodations for USMLE Step 2. After my appeals and supporting letters from highly qualified professional were deemed unsatisfactory by the organization, I contacted Charles Weiner for advice. He was very knowledgeable and quickly reviewed my case to devise a strategy for getting the desired outcome. Although it took a few weeks to compile the necessary supporting documentation, Charles Weiner was able to write a 7 page letter (citing various cases) to the organization and submit the supporting documentation directly contact the NBME’s house counsel. He was able to accomplish the desired outcome in less than 1 week despite the fact that my numerous appeals were denied by the NBME over the previous year. He prevailed against the NBME and surprised many of the administrators at my medical school who had become used to seeing many of their students lose their appeals for testing accommodation over the previous decade. In hindsight, my only regret is that I did not contact Charles Weiner as soon as I started the process. It would have saved me lots of wasted time. It is important to get his help as soon as you begin the process of requesting for testing accommodation because you will need someone that is looking out for your interests.

Solomon, an testing accommodations client, NBME

Chuck Weiner is an excellent attorney! I hired Chuck to handle a disability dispute with a testing agency. Despite several letters to the agency written by Chuck, we had to go to federal court to resolve the issue. During the process, Chuck was extremely professional and prepared me very well. For instance, prior to the deposition, Chuck explained what types of questions they would ask, and that I should only answer the questions that are asked. At the hearing, he was comfortable and confident, and knew exactly what he was doing. Ultimately, thanks to Chuck, we succeeded, and I received appropriate accommodations for my examination.

a testing accommodations client

By understanding that education is key for success, Charles is a fantastic advocate for individuals for disabilities who need and deserve accommodations for high stakes testing. His hard work in cases such as Love v. LSAC has paid off in laying groundwork for other disability rights attorneys such as myself.

William Phelan, Esq.

I was in the middle of battling the College Board with regard to getting extended time on the SAT test.   My daughter has a visual problem and was entitled to get the extended time on the test.  Unfortunately, the College Board made it very difficult, almost impossible, for us to get the accommodation that she needed.  A well-respected attorney in this field highly recommended Mr. Weiner as the person who could help us with our plight.  This was a time sensitive issue, since our daughter was already a senior in high school and the deadline was fast approaching for her college applications.  Mr. Weiner was steadfast in his resolve to get this accommodation that our daughter had a right to have under the law.  Thanks to Mr. Weiner’s tenacity, he left no stone unturned, and I am happy to report that our daughter did receive the accommodation which allowed her to go up significantly on the SAT test.

J.K., New York

I endorse this lawyer. He is very knowledgeable about the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Rehabilitation Act. He knows how to get accommodations for his clients. He is hard working, kind and patient. I would use him for my own children if they had any problems or issues with school.

Joyce Collier, Esq.

I was very fortunate to have Mr. Charles Weiner, ESQ handle my case this year. Approximately eight years ago, I applied for accommodations on the USMLE Step 1 and USMLE Step CK, and was denied numerous times despite having appropriate documentation from specialists and professors. I presented my case to Charles Weiner, ESQ. He was very knowledgeable about the laws surrounding Disability Law and the expectations from the NBME. He listened to and answered all my concerns. When it became time to apply for accommodations, Mr. Weiner submitted an 11 page letter attached with my documents. Within 30 day I received a letter from the NBME, that I would be granted accommodations. I can honestly say that without Charles Weiner’s, ESQ aid this would not be possible. He is a true and invaluable expert attorney! If you are his client… you simply have the best of the best!

Thomas, an education client

My wife and I met Charles when he spoke at the Pennsylvania Tourette Syndrome Association conference in 2007.  He gave a wonderful presentation full of information of the utmost importance to parents of children with special needs who are forced to confront the education establishment to achieve the accommodations necessary for their children.  He came to the conference early and stayed beyond the time for his presentation.  During the entire weekend, he took the time to sit with all of the parents who had questions and answer their questions thoughtfully and compassionately.  It was obvious that he spent the time, in part, to market his practice, but he could not have done such an amazing job without a heartfelt sense of compassion, a strong desire to help, and a deep and broad knowledge of the legal issues.  As an attorney, I feel extremely confident recommending Charles to anyone with a child with special needs who needs help dealing with, or fighting against, their child’s school administrators.

Joel I. Fishbein, Esq.

Chuck Weiner is intelligent and has strong expertise in education disability law. He is nationally recognized for claims involving high stakes educational testing.

Virginia Hardwick, Esq.

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