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College and Graduate School Services for Students with Disabilities

higher-education-accomodationsStudents with disabilities who are attending a college, university or a graduate or professional school program are entitled to appropriate modifications or accommodations to ensure that their programs and activities are fully accessible. Both the ADA and Section 504 or the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 prohibits discrimination against students with disabilities at most colleges, universities, professional and trade schools. Examples of Discrimination include the following:

  • Denying a student with disabilities accommodations or modifications in the classroom, on tests or examinations or in university provided housing;
  • Denying a student with disabilities admission because of his/her disability;
  • Excluding a student with disabilities from a course of study, educational programs or an activity because of his/her disability.

Some examples of modifications or accommodations to a policy, practice or procedure include:

  • Providing extra time to complete a test, exam or assignment;
  • Allowing a course substitution or course waiver for certain required or pre-requisite courses;
  • Allowing a reduced course load and an extended time  within which to  complete the requirements of a degree;
  • Providing a note taker;
  • Availability of a qualified reader, audio recorded texts, or other effective methods of making visually delivered material available to students with, for example, visual disorders or learning disabilities;
  • Providing class materials in alternative formats such as Braille, audio tape or digital files;
  • Providing qualified interpreters or other effective methods for making aurally delivered materials available to students with hearing impairments; or
  • Providing housing accommodations for university provided housing.

A college or university may be required to provide the foregoing accommodations or modifications unless doing so either fundamentally alters the essential elements of the program or results in an undue financial or administrative burden to the institution.

The Law Office of Charles Weiner represents, nationwide, students with disabilities who have be subject to discrimination by their college or university.

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