Disability Discrimination

Lawyer for Disability Rights

Our law firm represents individuals with a wide range of disabilities, including:

• Physical Disabilities
• Hearing Impairments
• Mobility Impairments
• Vision Impairments
• Hearing Impairments
• Speech Impairments

Public Accommodations

The Law Office of Charles Weiner handles matters throughout Pennsylvania on behalf of people with disabilities, who have been subjected to discrimination or denied access to education, transportation, government facilities, hotels, restaurants, businesses and employment. Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), people with disabilities are entitled access to most public and private buildings and facilities and are further entitled to the benefits and privileges enjoyed by other people in the community. We assertively challenge policies and procedures that create barriers, which violate the ADA guidelines and deprive people with disabilities full and equal participation.

Employment Discrimination

People with disabilities and perceived disabilities are entitled to protection under the law and may not be subject to employment discrimination or harassment in a hostile work environment. Discrimination in the workplace includes being treated differently in hiring, firing, promotion and compensation. The Law Office of Charles Weiner represents people with disabilities, who seek to obtain compensation and job protection when they have been treated unlawfully.

A person with disabilities, who is qualified for a job by education and training and is able to perform the essential job functions with accommodations, is entitled to be treated equally with all other applicants and employees. Once an employer is made aware of an employee’s disability the employer is required by law to engage in an interactive process and develop reasonable accommodations. Reasonable accommodations are modifications, assistance or adjustments in the work environment such as:

• Making the facility accessible
• Job restructuring
• Modified work schedules
• Modified equipment
• Reassignment to a vacant position

If you feel that you have been a victim of disability discrimination,
contact an experienced disability rights lawyer.
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