Civil Rights

Civil Rights

The Law Office of Charles Weiner is committed to protecting the civil rights of citizens. We represent individuals in matters where the police and government entities violate constitutional and civil rights. Federal civil rights laws ensure individual rights guaranteed by the Constitution. The Civil Rights Act of 1871, which includes 42 U.S.C. §1983, provides civil remedies for a host of civil rights. Our firm aggressively pursues claims under §1983 seeking compensation for individuals who have been injured or wronged by officials acting under color of government authority. The Law Office of Charles Weiner handles civil rights cases involving:

civil-rights• False arrest/ Wrongful arrest
• Malicious prosecution
• Police misconduct
• Excessive force
• Police brutality
• Political firings or retaliation
• Prison suicides
• Prison abuse

False Arrest / Malicious Prosecution

Most police officers and law enforcement officials are good persons who serve an important and critical role of protecting communities. However, circumstances arise where the police violate individual civil rights. A false arrest or wrongful arrest occurs when the police physically detain a person without probable cause. Wrongfully detaining a person without a justifiable reason is often called false imprisonment. A malicious prosecution occurs when an individual is prosecuted for a crime in which there was no probable cause for the arrest.

Police Brutality / Excessive Force

In lawfully exercising their authority, the police are permitted to use reasonable force in certain circumstances. Whether the amount of force that was used was reasonable depends upon the individual circumstances. Police brutality occurs when the police use more force than is reasonably necessary or excessive force under the circumstances. The Law Office of Charles Weiner will pursue lawsuits for police brutality and excessive force against police and law enforcement officials who abuse their power.

Political Firings

State and local governments are entrusted with a great deal of responsibilities to maintain and enhance the health, safety and welfare of the communities it governs. However, despite good intentions, some government officials abuse their power for political gain. An individual who is employed by a government entity may not be fired, terminated, or suspended because their political views or political affiliation differ from those in power. Similarly, it is unlawful to fire, terminate or retaliate against a government employee for failing to contribute to the campaign of a political candidate or political party. The First Amendment of the Constitution protects political speech, which includes prohibiting termination of government employment because an employee’s political views did not support a politician or political party. The Law Office of Charles Weiner are intense advocates for civil rights, Constitutional protections and the right to be free from retaliation in employment.


If you feel your civil rights have been violated, contact an experienced civil rights lawyer.
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